POWDER SHAMPOO  400g 13.51oz

A unique product in the market, developed and patented by Sweet Hair, the exclusive Powder Shampoo has the purpose of facilitating the everyday life of the professionals inside the salon. It has a formulation with molecular precision, which creates hydrogen bonds in the keratin chains, turning the damaged hair stronger, softer and cleaner. Yields equal to 338 fl oz. /10 liters of liquid shampoo


  • Contains Açaí fruit extract and Plant Polymers
  • The best option for the use in the lavatory!
  • More sustainable product, with savings of thousands of liters of water.
  • The use of water is necessary for washing
  • Professional Package yields from 7.5 to 10 liters of shampoo
  • HomeCare Package yields from 750ml to 1 liter of shampoo
  • Cutting edge and high-performance technology


> Mix 1 gram with water

POWDER SHAMPOO 400g 13.51oz

SKU: PA00084 - 7898584620119
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