THE FIRST SHAMPOO GENERATION 3.0  33.0 oz / 980 ml

NEW GENERATION - PROFESSIONAL USE - NEEDS TO BE A STYLIST TO GET BEST RESULTS.Is the first smoothing shampoo in the world. Using heat to change the natural shape of the hair, The First Shampoo acts within the internal structure of the cortex layer, which is responsible for the hair’s curvature. A unique blend of five acids, acting in combination with heat, joins the simple proteins of the hair, generating a new temporary alignment and creating an immediate smoothing effect. EXTRA PERKS Formaldehyde-free No need for gloves and mask Compatible with all chemicals (guanidine, sodium hydroxide, thioglycolate ammonia, etc.) Up to 9 applications STEPS > Shampoo hair. For extreme build up, clarify hair first. > Rinse hair thoroughly and remove excess water with a towel. > Divide hair into three sections (nape, middle, and forehead) and apply THE FIRST SHAMPOO> Ensure hair is saturated with product and lather is present on each section, before start applying to the following. Focus on hair length. DO NOT ADD WATER. Short hair: 1.5oz / Medium Hair: 2oz / Long Hair: 2.5oz > Leave on for 20 minutes. > Rinse hair thoroughly, eliminating all product and remove excess water with a towel.> While at the sink, a conditioning mask of your choice might be applied to the hair.> If hair is getting colored directly afterwards, do not use any mask. > Blow dry hair 100%. > Divide hair into 4 sections. > Flat iron small sections at a moderate speed. For Healthy hair: Flat Iron at 450F, 5 to 7 times. For compromised hair: Flat iron at 375F to 400F, 5 to 7 times.


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